Christmas Sweets for Barbs

A wee poem by request for @barbsrad, all about Christmas Sweets :D


It’s time for the Christmas indulgence,
Eating pudding ’til filled with repugnance,
Mince pies and eggnog.
Chocolaty yule-log
Munching truffles with growing reluctance.

Paddy as a cupcake baker

A comission by Simon Marks as payback for his outing as Austin Powers

Paddy as a Cupcake Baker

Paddy, so cool and so manly,
Who’d think he’d be rather handy,
At beautiful piping,
And lovely pink icing,
And cupcakes all covered in candy?

He pretended to act unaware,
Of his unique and particular flair.
What sort of a man,
Bakes his muffins by hand?
Oh, it’s just not a macho affair.

Yay, Cupcakes!

A wee one for the hard working @kukondo and cupcake camp :D

Utensils, at once into gear!
The Cup-caking season is near.
Those sugar confections,
With toppings from heaven,
On cake-stands, so soon will appear

Devise flavours to tempt and delight,
What a delectable sight-
Peach melba and walnut
Devil’s food chocolate,
Sensory raptures take flight!

Carbs and Barbs

Another wee one for @barbsrad “Barbs”

I shall tell you the story of Barbs,
Who feasted on all types of carbs;
Rice, pasta, cake,
…All things that were baked,
She indulged at least once every hour.”


Brussles Sprouts

For the fantastic @herrbenz, by request – ” Brussels Sprouts”

The brassicas, oh what a genus!
Don’t let the veggies deceive us,
The famed Brussels Sprout,
Is a Cabbage, no doubt,
You can tell by the shape of the leaveses!

Confused by cruciferous greens?
The all have the same set of genes!
Kale and Kohlrabi,
Their good friend the Cauli,
The same thing, just different breeds.


For the lovely @barbsrad – “Vinegar”

Balsamic and cider and wine,
We use vinegar all of the time,
An acidy nip,
It cleans mirrors real quick,
More healthy than canning in brine.

Onions and gherkins, in hours
Would shrivel right up in their jars.
A pH2-3
Is ideal, don’t you see,
Be awed at it’s wonderful powers.



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