Aware NI

Here is a poem for @mcgibbg who is going to jump into the Irish Sea for raise money for Aware NI, a local charity aimed at helping people who suffer from depression. A very worthwhile cause and a difficult task, especially in this weather! Go and sponsor him or at least send through a message of support!

Gavin is tough, no surprise,
He’ll leap to the cold Irish tides,
To raise money and hope,
(Touch wood that he floats!)
For Aware to change hundreds of lives.


One on astrobiology for the very smart and sciencey Mark Booth :D


We’ve a lab on every space station,
Our prayerbook is just Drakes equation,
Brushing dust off our space-ships
There’s never no field trips,
Just hours spent in star observation.

We are seeking for creatures in vain,
With no proteins or RNA chains,
No water transpired,
No carbon required,
Our meager biology shamed!


Arsenic based DNA

For the usually sporty @brianhc who wanted a sciencey poem on arsenic based DNA.  I demand you read some of my other science poems here here and here.

Poor arsenic he felt it unfair,
Electrons, he had but three spare,
He was soon turned away,
When god made DNA,
From carbon’s four lovely lone pairs.



The second in a series of celly poems for Kim.

Be careful when using your trypsin
It splits all proteins it sits in
Adding too much
Will wrecks your results
Your substrate with too many snips in.

Calcium Imaging

One of a series for the queen of cells, Kim!

Our calcium waves oscillating,
The E-T-G-A is chelating,
Fura-2 can be seen,
It’s glowing bright green,
Oh look at that light emanating!

Cell Division

The last in a series of three sciency poems for Kim!

Do you know that your cell is dividing?
Your chromsomes – look – are aligning,
The checkpoints are passed,
Mitosis at last!
With cyclins providing the timing.


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