Fancy a poem?

You may be suitably impressed with my literary prowess to want to request a poem yourself.  That’s fine : )  Either comment here or email me:

…and I’ll be on it straight away.  Will take requests for just about anything on just about anyone.  I’ve pretty much focused on limericks here but I remember enough from my English Lit GCSE to write sonnets and imabic pentameter and so forth.  I may even get it into my head to start charging for speciality pieces, or even compile a book which you will all, of course, purchase.  Just think that you’re helping me to get my bee farm started.  Some day YOU could be spreading honey from my hand reared bees on your loaf.  These were my bees:


2 Comments (+add yours?)

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  2. Kayleigh Spence
    Apr 04, 2011 @ 21:00:22

    Hello My Lovely :)

    Hope you’re not reading this whilst on holiday…

    Couple of requests, one of which I think you’ll appreciate muchly :) My Brother’s birthday is on the 27th April and Poppy’s the 28th…

    Would you write a wee poem / limerick for birthday cards; one for my brother (Callum – 20) and one for Poppy (her very first birthday).

    K x x


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