For Stephen, who is stressed with hardware upgrade

The upgrade had slowed down it’s pace
When was it planned to take place?
The SA’s were crazy
the DBA’s lazy
And poor Stephen was red in the face

Stephen was ranting and raving
The hardware was still misbehaving
The App team destroyed it
The SA’s deployed it
Just delete all the data from staging.

For Kevin who is leaving :(

Kev’s gone and we’re weeping and crying,
The whole thing’s become quite benighting,
Our workslate in pieces,
Our morale decreases,
And team meetings will be less exciting.

For Bronagh, who sits and sings whilst programming.

Bronagh sat singing and humming,
We all thought it strange yet becoming,
She did try her best,
But the lass was tone deaf,
With nothing quite tuneful forthcoming.

For Robert on call!

For Robert, who wanted a poem about being on call!

When your system is down or is breaking,
Or the data begins misbehaving,
Just stay in your bed,
And phone Robert instead,
When someone from dev needs awaking.

Mondays; not as good as Sundays

A poem for @swmcc “how about a poem about how crap Sunday evenings are cos of Mondays : )”

Stevie was rather deflated,
Each weekend was seemigly fated;
Following Sunday
Rolled around Monday
Leaving him less than elated.


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